Business Transaction Advisory

Sea Grove Capital works with family businesses, private equity groups and individual investors as an advisor in the acquisition or disposition of a business.  Sea Grove leverages its extensive formal training, multi-disciplinary experience and vast network of relationships to provide sound advice and support throughout the transaction process. 

  1. Development and formulation of M&A strategies
  2. Shepherding of business transaction logistics with 3rd party vendors
  3. Navigation of the due diligence process
  4. Identification, screening and initiation of discussions with potential acquisition targets & suitors
  5. Financial analysis surrounding potential acquisitions and evaluation of purchase offers
  6. Assistance in structuring and negotiation of transactions
  7. Arrangement of acquisition financing

Business Consulting

Rather than fundamentally altering the business processes that have made its clients successful, Sea Grove looks for ways to build on the client’s strengths and improve their business by providing creative and actionable solutions founded in data & analytics and practical & qualitative guidance.  Sea Grove’s consulting engagements always end with an established clear vision for the client’s future growth and actionable steps to improve profitability, efficiency, and culture.

Sea Grove Capital assists clients in the following aspects of their business:

  1. Operations
  2. Corporate Finance & Accounting
  3. Marketing & Sales
  4. Business Strategy
  5. Business Technology
  6. Organizational Structure

Family Office Oversight

Sea Grove Capital provides clients with comprehensive oversight and management of family offices.  Initial engagements often consist of an assessment of current investments or the formal establishment of a family office for high-net-worth individuals and families.   Subsequent engagements can grow into ongoing maintenance and oversight of family office related activities with Sea Grove serving as a steward of the family office in its interaction with 3rd parties.   

Sea Grove Capital assists family offices in the following capacities: 

    1. Sourcing of passive investment opportunities in the venture capital, private equity, real estate, and alternative investment space
    2. Oversight of current portfolio of active and passive investments 
    3. Personal balance sheet creation and monitoring 
    4. Arrangement and monitoring of debt and equity arrangements

Real Estate Advisory

Real estate comprises a valuable component of every investment portfolio and family businesses are no exception.  Sea Grove provides a technical and financial approach to the investment community surrounding commercial and residential real estate as a valuable income-producing and wealth-preservation mechanism. 

Sea Grove assists investors and owners of real estate in the following capacities:

  1. Valuation
  2. Transaction Representation & Advisory
  3. Operational Analysis
  4. Coordination and arrangement of refinancing

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